Mt. Makiling in the Web

DSC00818Mt. Makiling (Laguna, Philippines) is one of the biodiversity hotspot areas in the Philippines. Several biodiversity assessment studies in the area observed that more than two thousand species of plants, animals, and other organisms thrive in the area. To make the vast amount of ecological and biological information available to the general public to enhance its conservation and protection, a group of scientists in UP Los Banos developed a web-based information system called “Makiling Biodiversity Information System” or MakiBIS. The system serves as a web-based repository for the ecological and biological data of species found in Mt. Makiling. According to the authors, MakiBIS contains the species taxonomic information, conservation status, habitat, general description, and photo. Developed using open source web tools such as PHP, jQuery, and MySQL, MakiBIS is capable of sharing data using the Darwin Core Format, which is a standard format for sharing biodiversity data. Currently, the system contains information for about 716 species.

A study was conducted to determine the operability, cross-platform compatibility, and functionalities of MakiBIS. The full paper is published in the Journal of Nature Studies, which is an online publication of the Philippine Society for the Study of Nature, Inc. (PSSN). To access a free copy of the paper, you may visit the journal website through

The site also contains other open access articles on nature studies.

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