ICoNSIE 2016

International Conference in Nature Studies and Innovations for the Environment and PSSN’s 16th Annual Scientific Conference


Theme: “Nature Studies: Creating knowledge and building bridges for resiliency and sustainability”

Rationale and Objectives

Scientific studies in nature are creating knowledge that could enhance resiliency and sustainability. In an era where global environment and climatic conditions are continuously changing, scientific knowledge is an important input in the process of making ecological, societal, and politico-economic systems resilient and sustainable. Such knowledge should be shared, exchanged, or disseminated across the globe and disciplinal boundaries.

ICoNSIE 2016 will serve as a venue for multicultural and multidisciplinary conversations of nature studies outputs that could promote socio-political, economic, and environmental resiliency and sustainability. Specifically, the conference aims to:

  1. provide scientists, researchers, academic personnel, and other individuals across the globe the opportunity to exchange scientific knowledge and experiences in studying and managing the environment, resiliency, and sustainability
  2. provide capability building to participants in writing publishable papers
  3. expose the participants to important ecological and cultural heritage sites
  4. enhance scholarly relationship among participants for possible networking and collaborations


  1. Resiliency and sustainability initiatives
  2. Disaster risk reduction, management, collaborations, and partnerships
  3. Green economy, technology, and policy
  4. Environmental knowledge creation, sharing, and management

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