PSSN Goes International

(Excerpt from an Article Published at Ti Similla, Official Newsletter of the Academic Staff of UP Baguio in July 2011 Issue )

by Zenaida G. Baoanan

My attendance at the International Seminar on Natural Resources, Climate Change, and Food Security in Developing Countries held at Graha Pena, Surabaya, Indonesia on June 27-29  was a refreshing escape from the daily routine of doing administrative functions and teaching in the classroom.  Surabaya is the second biggest city in Indonesia, next to Jakarta, the capital city.  The name comes from a legendary battle between “Sura” (a shark) and “Baya” (a crocodile) to establish territoriality over the place and to declare who is stronger.  A symbol of the city is statues depicting these two animals circling each other.   The fight between these two animals might actually depict the battle of Surabaya native people to regain freedom against foreign invaders. (Read More)

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