Developing Human Capital on Environment Through Online Learning

by Joanne V. Serrano, Ph.D. (UP Open University):

The recent global environmental disasters have emphasized the need to build the capacity of various sectors of our society on environmental management. Through open and distance e-learning (ODeL) and the use of various technologies, universities are able to educate the various sectors about environment and natural resource management thus eventually building the human capital of the country. The development of human capital on environment through ODeL will not only lead to advances in knowledge but will contribute as well to the growth and survival of a country. This paper revisits the Master of Environment and Natural Resources Management (MENRM) program of UP Open University (UPOU). It examines how this program contributes to the development of our country’s human capital on¬†environment. The outcomes of this study provide a systematic analysis of the reasons for applying in the MENRM program as well as the skills they acquired from the program. The offering of an environmental graduate program through online learning widens access to information and education on environmental issues and challenges as well as on sustainable environmental solution. This paper helps the UPOU in strengthening its program on environment and how to further utilize ODeL in human capacity building to help address environmental issues and challenges. (Read More)

(More free online articles on the environment available in the Journal of Nature Studies.)

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